Friday, January 9, 2015

Review for Murder in Another Inn by Barbara Fox

Our Review:

If you are looking for a killer murder mystery, then let me tell you about the Inn series by Barbara Fox. These books combine the pleasure of a mystery novel with the intricate wit and clever scenarios that can only come from the talented mind of a master writer. Barbara Fox not only meets but exceeds these expectations as she leads readers into a trilogy of stories they will enjoy again and again. The last book was just released so you are going to want to get all three. You can find them all on Barbara Fox's website or from your favorite retailer. Some of links and a description of the last book are below. Enjoy!

There was Murder In The Inn, Another Murder In The Inn and now, Murder In Another Inn

Newly-weds Sandy Evans and husband Joey Jason own a Bed and breakfast inn in Washington DC. but since Joey, a comedian, does gigs all around the country, Sandy is responsible for the inn and for solving any problems, like murder, when they occur . Murder in the Inn finds her investigating the supposedly accidental death of the previous owner, the murder of an instructor interrupts the Fitness week in Another Murder in the Inn and murder follows them to Florida when the couple move to Miami Beach and buy a second inn in Murder In Another Inn.

Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and other on-line book stores or go to to order.

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