Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Kissing Santa Review

Kissing Santa, shortstory: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0060739N2/

Review For Kissing Santa
This is a brilliant and beautiful short story that will inspire both the Christmas spirit and the essence of love. As you read this story, you will also fall in love with the characters. This is truly a great holiday read and you can find it for for free on Amazon Kindle today!

(sorry this is FREE only in US)

Book Description

Lily Johnson, estranged from family, travels home for the Christmas holidays. She seeks mending of family arguments. There's also the potential reunion with an old flame.
The storm of the century hits the little community where Lily grew up. The severe snowfall creates deep worry over the fate of her one true love.
Christopher Crin, all-American fireman, is well known for his holiday gift giving and spirit. He even bears the nickname 'Cringle' in his circle of friends. Everything Chris' comes into contact with has a magical outcome of purity and good.
Temperature raging below zero strengthens Chris' determination to push through the storm and deliver Christmas gifts to the children. Ultimately, there's one special gift his heart desires to deliver.

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