Sunday, April 26, 2015

Attention Women It is Time to Do Something For Yourself!

Forgotten Rules for the Woman's Mind, Forget What Society Has Told You and Learn to Be Your Own Woman!
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Even today, women are usually expected to comfort and support the men and children in their lives.  We’re supposed to be humble and modest.  We do so much comforting and ego avoidance we often don’t have any fun ourselves.  Until now.

 It’s past time for women to celebrate everything that is unique and funny and wonderful and true  about ourselves. And in a new book, Forgotten Rules for the Woman’s Mind: Humorous and Inspiring Messages No Woman Should Forget, we get to do just that.

Forgotten Rules for the Woman’s Mind is a collection of witty, thoughtful, and entertaining quotes about womankind.  Whether you want a quick comeback at a cocktail party or dinner table debate, or just want to have a good laugh, Forgotten Rules for the Woman’s Mind has you covered.  

So take a break from your labors, and grab Forgotten Rules for the Woman’s Mind today! You deserve it.

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