Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Billy and the Ear Elves, Great Values and a Great Deal!

Billy and the Ear Elves

Billy's story teaches kids the values of patience, listening healthy habits
 Billy really loves eating ice cream, but does not like to hear the word "NO".
 One afternoon Billy politely asked his mother for an ice cream scoop and waited for his mom to say "all right".
 However, his mother told him to eat an apple instead.
 Billy did not like her answer one bit. He was willing to do anything to have ice cream.
 He was so angry that he forgot all about good manners and started to SCREAM!
 Nevertheless, mom had a secret defense against tantrums - the Magic Ear Elves!
 What would Billy do when facing them?
 Read the book and find out whether Billy and his mother solved their conflict.
My colorful book is excellent as bedtime stories for early learners and beginner readers.

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